What’s here…

The Arcade

The Arcade Section of Play is packed full of Arcade Machines and Amusements. We have machines from the 90s, 00s, and 10s, with some classics like The House of The Dead and Time Crisis alongside newer ones such as After BurnerBlazing Angels and Temple Run. Added to this we have the likes of Guitar Hero and Dance Stage for the more active of you!

New arcade machines arrive at Play!


We have a great range of amusements in Worcester Play including an Air Hockey Game, Football Table, Pool Table and Table Tennis. These are great fun for both Adults and Kids. And as with everything else, it’s all free to play!

Console Gaming

Our venue is jam packed full of Retro and Modern Console Gaming. From the likes of the Super Nintendo and Mega Drive through to the Playstation 1 and Dreamcast, we have everything a retro gaming lover needs to keep them busy for hours on end.

Not only that, but we have the latest generation of Console Gaming here as well including the Xbox One and Playstation 4 with an array of games.